The Complete Step by Step Resume Writing Course


In this course, I’ll be sharing insider tips on how to write an outstanding resume that will capture the recruiter’s attention, with step-by-step instructions on how to transform you into an A-list candidate! The key points that will be covered below are:

Brief Introduction

What is a Resume

Resume Types

Recruiting Process – ATS | CRM

Resume Design

Resume Headline

Resume Summary

Skills | Highlights

Job Titles

Career Progression

Tasks and Responsibilities

Highlighting Outcomes

Applying The (W.H.O) Method


Employment Gaps

Job Hopping

Job requirements | preferences

Overall Easy to Read

I’ll be going into every topic and explaining what it means, why it’s important and how do we apply it to your resume, I designed this course to be straight to the point, giving you only what you need to know without the long unnecessary details and if you followed all the steps above by the end of this course, you will have a strong resume the will set you apart from other candidates and give you the confidence boost you need to pursue your next career move.



Course and Instructor Intro

-Introduction: Brief Introduction

-Table of contents: Table of contents

Resume Types 

-What is a Resume?: Resume Definition

-Resume Types?: Understand the different types of resumes and which of them would be the best fit for their background.

-Tailored Evidence-Based Resume: What is a Tailored Evidence-Based Resume and why is it the best type of resume in today’s market.

Recruiting Process (ATS) 

-Recruiting Process – ATS I CRM: What is an ATS and how the recruiting process works.

-Recruiting Process – ATS Chart: Recruiting Process – ATS Chart

-ATS – A-List Candidate: How to become an ATS – A-List Candidate on every ATS.

What do recruiters look for in a resume? 

-Key points every resume should have.

-Resume Design: How critical the resume design is and what’s the best type of templates to use.

-Resume Headline: A What is a resume headline and what is it used for.

-Resume Summary: A How to write a resume summary.

-Skills & Highlights: A Skills, highlights and keyword you’ll need to include on your

-Job Titles: How to align your job titles to fit your next career move.

-Career Progression: Pointers on how to showcase your progression.

-Tasks and Responsibilities: How to write the tasks and responsibilities.

-Highlighting Outcomes: How to highlight the outcomes of your day-to-day responsibilities.

-Applying The (W.H.0) Method: What is the W.H.O Method and how can we use it.

-Achievements: How to write your Achievements, how many achievements should you include.

-Quantify Of Accomplishments: How to draw achievements from your experience and quantify them.

-Quantify Of Accomplishments Example: Quantify Of Accomplishments Example.

-Employment Gaps: How to cover Employment Gaps.

-Job Hopping: How to address job-hopping on your resume.

-Job requirements and preferences: Why do you need to highlight the requirements 1st and preferance 2nd.

-Overall Easy to Read: Overall Easy to Read and the end of the course.




What you’ll learn

        • Resume Introduction
        • Resumes Types
        • What’s a Tailored Evidence-Based Resume
        • How The Recruiting Process Work
        • What’s an ATS | CRM and Why is it important
        • Resume Design
        • What’s a Headline and What is it used for
        • How to Write Strong Personal Introduction
        • How to Write Skills & Highlights
        • How To Write Tasks & Responsibilities
        • How to Display Career Progression in a Resume
        • How to Highlight Achievements In a Resume
        • The (W.H.O) Method
        • Highlighting The Outcome Of Your Work
        • Showcasing The Quantify Of Accomplishments
        • How To Address Employment Gaps
        • How To Address Job Hopping


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