CV Writing Masterclass with Resume Templates Included


Recruiters spend around 7 seconds screening a resume and in this course you will learn how to impress any recruiter or hiring manager in that time.

On top of all the tips & tricks that will get you more job interviews, you will learn more about resume personalization, updating your Linkedin Profile, taking professional photos for a resume at home, what is job hopping and much more.

Looking it from both a recruiter and a hiring manager standpoint, the course key focus points are:

– Create a clearly structured resume from scratch or update your current one

– Help recruiters to find what’s more important in under 7 seconds

– Emphasize your experience and skills mostly related to a position

Get more job interviews

– Personalize your resume so that tells a story about you that recruiters can relate to

Make a recruiter like you even before he/she meets you

In the past several years I have landed a number of jobs even without having the necessary experience and my resume has helped me a lot to do this. I have worked both as a recruitment manager and as a hiring manager and I am sharing all my secrets with you and also my winning resume template.


-What to Expect: What to expect of this Resume Writing Course

-Why Should You Trust Me: Proven track record of a successful resume

-Working with the Templates: How to work with the resume templates.

-When Nobody Calls: Stay motivated when you don’t get many interview calls.

-Job Specific Highlights: How to write a resume specific for a position.

Introduce Yourself – Resume Summary 

-Choose Your Layout: Choose a clean resume layout that will be easy to read.

-Design Your Contact Details: Contact details and summary on your resume.

-Prepare an Excellent Summary: Use bullets for your resume summary.

-Curate Your Photo: How to prepare for a resume (cv) photo.

-Take a Professional Photo by Yourself: How to take a professional looking photo for a resume at home.

Write a Banging Experience Section

-Follow an Outline: How to outline your experience in a resume.

-Design Your Work Experience: How to write bullets in your experience in your cv.

-Personalize Your CV: Why it’s important to personalize your resume.

-Job Hopping Explained: What is job hopping and how will it affect your job application.

-Education Structure: Write a perfect education section in your resume.


Personalize Your Resume

-What Else Should You Include: How to describe your skills in a resume.

-Highlight Your Skills: What are the most important skills in your resume.

-Social Proof – Letters of Recommendation: How important are the letters of recommendation.

-Cover Letters: Why I am not writing cover letters.

Go the Extra Mile 

-Update Your Linkedin Profile: How to update your Linkedin Profile based on your resume.

-Where to Find Free Resume Templates: Use resume templates.

-Get Your Dream Job Interview

-Bonus Lecture – Linkedln Tips from Ex-Linkedln and AirBNB Recruiter




What you’ll learn

      • Get 2 Professional Resume Templates
      • Write a Resume That Will Impress in 7 Seconds
      • Land More Job Interviews
      • Build a Well Structured CV
      • Learn About the Importance of Structure and Flow


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