How To Write A Resume For A Job With No Experience

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The first career steps are always exciting and challenging. You worry that a lack of experience is a crucial shortcoming and hesitate to send your document to the dream company. But you should not. Put aside doubts as we all have to start somewhere. With effective tips from our experts, you can create a brilliant resume and get a real chance to land a job. 

The truth is modern companies offer plenty of entry-level vacancies and internship opportunities. Besides, the experience is not the only crucial point for recruiters to evaluate the applicant. You can find other your aces to convince the HR manager that you suit the position. In this article, we present three main ways on how to write a resume for a job with no experienceThey boil down to shifting the focus from work experience to other advantages: 

  • educational background,
  • skills,
  • extra activities. 


It is impossible to build a career in the modern world without an educational background. An academic degree is evidence of your intellectual capacity, level of preparation, diligence, etc. You had to spend much time and effort to get a diploma, qualifications, and competencies.  Why not emphasize it?

Your education section should include:

  • the name of your educational institution;
  • your degree (if you have already graduated);
  • graduation year (or the expected date);
  • a major area of study.

If you are have not yet entered a college or university, mention your highschool experience. Participation in interesting projects, honors, awards, etc also sound solid.  

Recommendations on how to write a CV for a job with no experience also imply describing additional education. If you have any other certificates apart from standard high school and college diplomas, do not forget to mention them too. It deals with:

  • online courses (IT sphere, foreign languages);
  • professional refresher courses; 
  • thematic workshops;
  • participation in study abroad programs.

Focus on education seems the most evident answer to the question “How to write a CV for a job with no experience?” Show your future employer that you are ready to implement theoretical knowledge in practice.  


The Skills section is of great importance for the employer. It shows what you can do and how helpful you can be for the company. Be precise when mentioning your abilities:

  • list programming languages and software you are good at (C#, HighLoad, Python, Scrum, Figma, etc.);
  • point out knowledge of foreign languages;
  • list your soft skills (public speaking, writing skills, research talents, punctuality, etc.).

You can find a sample of the Skills section on the Internet and on our website in Resume Examples. Still, use the template sensibly: consider your job description and personal talents. 

Sometimes the best answer to the question “How to write a CV with no experience?” is to compensate it with your skills. You need to show that you have a grasp of professional responsibilities. Demonstrate those of your abilities and talents that can 

contribute to the development of the company. 


Life is not only about one profession. As a student, you might try yourself as a volunteer, intern, freelancer, startup creator, etc. All of this can tell a lot about your personality. Here are some hints for inspiration.

  • Mention publications and blog articles you are proud of. By doing so, you show your creativity, writing skills, as well as demonstrate expertise in issues raised in these texts.
  • Tell about your personal project to prove that you are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is good evidence of your organizational skills.
  • It is also a great idea to mention your volunteering activities. First, it is about kindness and generosity. Second, it can be a sort of contribution to your professional career. Say, if you are a future physician, volunteering in the medical field is a perfect variant. 

Try to choose those extra activities that are most suitable for your future job position. Modern companies tend to prefer candidates who do not devote their college years to study only. The one who has the energy to cope with various tasks apart from the homework is an interesting person and an ambitious employee. 


As a rule, a resume without experience is the first document of the job-seeker on his/her career path. We want you to come up with a perfect one and thus offer some hints.


Make sure your email looks solid. Students often mention funny addresses such as “mandalorian2000@…” or “motherofdragons17@…” It seems that an unserious teenager stands behind this contact. The best is to include your first and last name in the email address. By doing so, you highlight your serious purposes. 

Be careful with links to social media accounts. If you do not restrict access to them, check if your posts are worth showing to the employer. 


Do not write ambiguous phrases such as “I am a student and I agree to do everything” in the summary. Most contemporary companies need candidates for particular positions, and they are not interested in unsure applicants. Check out job descriptions and clearly determine what position you would like to occupy. “A teaching assistant,” “barista,” “sales manager” sound better than “any of your entry-level vacancy.”


It is challenging to decide on how to make a resume with no experience, and it is even more complicated to come up with this part of the document. Find powerful words to sum up your academic achievements, relevant skills, and professional interests. 


This section can come to the fore, so tell only about the most favorable facts. Thus, do not mention your GPA if it is lower than the average one. If your educational institution is little known, do not use abbreviations. The employer can misunderstand it, so you’d better use the full name of your high school, college, or university. 


When thinking about how to write a resume with no experience, we tend to imply a lack of relevant professional experience. As a rule, modern resume writers do not recommend mentioning information that does not refer to the job description. Yet in this case, one can make an exception. You might have zero experience in your professional field, but what about other part-time jobs? We believe that it is OK to write that you had been working as a front counter or as a delivery driver, for instance. It does not matter where you decide to continue your career, this first experience is evidence of your active life position. 


A lack of experience should not be the reason to miss career opportunities. Prove that you have enough desire and talents to start your professional path. The point is to reveal and demonstrate those of your strengths that can outweigh your zero experience. 

If you need professional help with your resume, CV, cover letter, you can always rely on Our experts know how to make a resume with no work experience look perfect. Check out our free pdf examples, and if you need perfect guaranteed results, contact our support managers. Together we will come up with your best ever resume, and zero professional experience is no obstacle! 

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